BYOD (Apple Device)

Sutherland Dianella PS has run a BYOD (iPad) program for the past few years and in 2017, the BYO was extended to the Year 4's in Semester Two, in preparation for 2018 as a Year 5.
We have previously afforded students in a split class the opportunity to participate in the program as well and that will continue.
All Year 4's in 2018, are offered the opportunity to BYO an iPad from this point on, if parents wish for them to participate. We have spoken to a number of parents who are keen to start the program from now, not wait until the back end of the year and we would like to support this.
Teachers are keen for students to begin accessing the Department of Education's email and portal system as soon as possible.
For parents wishing to purchase an iPad, we can offer discounted iPads from JBHiFi via a BYOD portal. See the attached document for further information.
All students in Year 4-6 are bound by an iPromise, which is included in the attachments to this notice, as is the schools BYOD information book.
iPads which come to school must be in a suitable case and will be networked by their home teacher.
Parents must take responsibility for iPad use in the home. We recommend they are always used in open spaces (not a bedroom) and that parents take the iPad at night for charging, to avoid students accessing the iPad when they should be asleep.
Should you have any further questions please email

Minimum device requirements:
Apple iPad (3rd Generation or above)
CPU: 1 GHz Dual Core (or higher)
Ram: 1GB (or higher)
Storage: 32GB (or higher)
iOS: 10.0 (or higher)

Suitable devices include:

Apple iPad 3
Apple iPad 4
Apple iPad Air
Apple iPad Air 2
Apple iPad Mini
Apple iPad Mini 2
Apple iPad Mini 3 

Sutherland Dianelle Primary School BYOD JB Hi-Fi Solutions Portal is now active:

 Please use the School BYOD Code : SutherlandDPS2017 to gain access into the portal.