BYOD (Apple Device)

The School Board has approved the potential for students in Year 5 and Year 6 at SDPS in 2017, to bring a curriculum device to school, for the purpose of enhancing teaching and learning.  Consultation with providers has indicated that in a primary context it is unworkable for students to bring “any” device and specifications around the device can be found below.

Minimum device requirements
Apple iPad (3rd Generation or above)
CPU: 1 GHz Dual Core (or higher)
Ram: 1GB (or higher)
Storage: 32GB (or higher)
iOS: 10.0 (or higher)

Suitable devices include

Apple iPad 3

Apple iPad 4

Apple iPad Air

Apple iPad Air 2

Apple iPad Mini

Apple iPad Mini 2

Apple iPad Mini 3


Sutherland Dianelle Primary School BYOD JB Hi-Fi Solutions Portal is now active:

 Please use the School BYOD Code : SutherlandDPS2017 to gain access into the portal.