Edu Dance 2016

"Edu-Dance is a creative hip-hop dance program designed for primary school students developed in Perth, Western Australia.

It provides children with the opportunity to be part of a fun and energetic dance program within their own school community.

The program fulfils the Physical and Health outcome requirements (Dance element) for students and covers many other aspects such as coordination, musical appreciation and self-confidence, and gives many children the opportunity to experience the excitement of performing in front of an audience. Most importantly it is promoted as a program for fitness and fun.

The program has been running in Private and Governments schools for fourteen year years and has been refined over this time to its present form to produce the most positive outcome possible. Each year level has a program specifically designed to suit their age group with appropriate music selected to compliment each group.

All staff employed by Edu-Dance are fully trained, qualified dance specialists and have many years of dance experience both as performers themselves and teachers.

Edu-Dance is not a ballroom dancing program but a creative dance exercise program designed to improve the students’ levels of fitness and health, while being encouraged to enjoy the challenge and have fun. It is designed for boys and girls from Kindergarten to Year 6. Edu-Dance can also assist in choreography for school production, musicals, end-of-year concerts and performing arts festivals."

 - EduDance website 

EduDance Concert is 8 December 2017.

More information will be sent out later in the year.