Gogo 20 Year Anniversary 2015


In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the proclamation of Western Australia’s state Fossil Emblem, students have been invited to use their imagination and innovation to design a “party” invitation helping the school celebrate this important part of Western Australia’s and our school’s history.

The successful school initiated campaign to have Australia’s first state fossil emblem would highlight Western Australia’s fossil heritage and show how a small primary school could influence the political process and became a part of this state’s history.

In early 1994 Sutherland Primary School (now Sutherland Dianella Primary School) undertook a campaign to make a Gogo fish (Mcnamaraspis kaprios) the state fossil emblem.  Gogo fishes are world-famous among palaeontologists.  The Gogo fish fossils were 3 dimensional giving scientists an amazing understanding of the early evolution of fishes.

The campaign was proposed by a parent after reading a book foreword that was dedicated to a school in Denver, Colorado having successfully campaigned to have the Stegosaurus declared Colorado’s official state fossil.

After two years and a 218 page submission to the then Education Minister Norman Moore and the Arts Minister, Peter Foss Premier Court announced Cabinet’s decision to adopt a state fossil emblem and called for public submissions on the most appropriate fossil, to be decided by an expert committee of scientists.

In December 1995 Mcnamaraspis kaprios was proclaimed Western Australia’s State Fossil Emblem and soon became our school’s emblem.