Kiss and Drive

Please download the flyer below regarding Kiss and Drive at SDPS.

Kiss and Drive at Sutherland Dianella PS
1. Traffic enters Howes Cres from Sutherland Ave roundabout
2. Cars pull into the ‘Kiss and Drive’ marked bays
3. Cars must exit Howes Cres from Belmaurice St or Davina St; vehicles are not permitted to turn around on Howes Cres as this will interrupt traffic flow.
The purpose of Kiss and Drive is to alleviate parent traffic at peak time, as well as to provide a safe place for students from Yr1-6 to be dropped off or to catch their lift home.
To ensure a safe and smooth operation of this area parents are asked to note the following:
Only use the Kiss & Drive zone if your child/ren are able to independently walk between the Kiss & Drive zone and their classroom and get in and out of a vehicle efficiently and without assistance.
The designated area is only to be used for the set down or pick up of students. NO PARKING is permitted in these bays during the allocated Kiss & Drive times (as per regulatory traffic signage).
Kiss and Drive
How do you use the Kiss & Drive?
The Kiss & Drive works just the same as a taxi rank. Drive in from the top end of the Kiss & Drive and then drive forward ensuring that your vehicle is in the most forward available bay. The bays are clearly marked on the road.
DO NOT leave your vehicle and DO NOT turn off your motor as you will need to close up gaps as other students are collected and those vehicles move away from the area.
Students should enter/exit the vehicle from the LEFT side of the car, closest to the footpath.
Students should wait until their pick up vehicle is in one of the four bays at the front of the rank. When they have safely entered/exited the vehicle please proceed forward through vacant bays and indicate right before exiting; re-enter the traffic flow. Parent and staff helpers are always present. If there is congestion beyond the Kiss and Drive bays and you are waiting in a bay for your child/ren you may be asked to vacate the bay and complete the circuit. Please be polite and courteous and do as they ask. It is for the safety of all students and the efficiency of the Kiss and Drive system.
If one or all of your children are not ready at pick up time or the bays are full in the morning or afternoon, please complete the following circuit.
Proceed down Howes Cres, right onto Belmaurice St, right onto Grand Promenade, back to Sutherland Ave roundabout, then continue back to Kiss and Drive as per traffic flow map.
If you cannot see your child/ren waiting then you must move off and rejoin the queue.
Dual Purpose Bus Bay:
When the Kiss and Drive is not in operation, the bays are designated as ‘Bus Bays’. Signage clearly indicates the hours of operation for Kiss and Drive and Bus Bay.