Social Work at SDPS

Curtin University - Social Work

My name is Frankie Sollis. I am a third-year Social Work student from Curtin University and I will be completing my first Fieldwork Placement at Sutherland Dianella Primary School this Semester. Social Work is about working with individuals, families and the community to improve wellbeing.

 I grew up in Bayswater and went to high school at John Forrest Secondary College. I graduated in 2018. I also lived in Fiji for 18 months when I was 12-13 which gave me some insight into another culture. I work in a local café.  I enjoy cooking and mainly make Asian food.  I am looking forward to being able to travel again soon.

 I am really excited to meet the students, parents and staff this Semester and to work with you all.



Hello! My name is Tessa Gilson and I am a 3rd year Social Work student from Curtin University. Over the next term and a half, I will be doing my placement at Sutherland Dianella Primary School.

 I love exercising at the gym, going to the beach on beautiful summer days and spending time with friends!

 Social work is about acknowledging and addressing external factors to improve wellbeing. In the context of working at S.D.P.S., this will mean I hope to work with students, parents and teachers to create an environment where best learning and social wellbeing can be achieved.

 I believe every student has the ability to flourish and achieve their goals within their schooling experience and therefore my focus will be to provide support during this journey.

 I’m very excited to be getting to know everyone over the next 14 weeks!