Year 6 Leavers

This year Sutherland Dianella's Graduating students will visit our National Capital. An action packed agenda has been organised including visits to Parliament House, The Australian War Memorial and a range of other exciting venues.

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2017 Canberra Blog

Day 1

Our first day in Canberra started with a big breakfast and a short drive into town. Our first stop was the Australian Electoral Education Centre. Here we learnt about the Australian Constitution and how elections work. We watched a digital presentation with holograms which taught us about Australian suffrage. We learnt that Australia was one of the first nations to allow women to vote. We also learnt about the different Houses in Parliament; The House of Representatives and The Senate. Did you know that the Electorate of Stirling is the smallest (in size, not number of people) in WA? We also participated in a mock election and elected members to parliament using the preferential voting system. Soon after, we headed to Old Parliament House (The Museum of Australian Democracy), 

We were very excited to tour Old Parliament House. Here, we participated in a digital scavenger hunt searching for information about Australia's democratic history. We learnt about national challenges, people's rights and equality for the people. We also got to visit the Senate which is exactly the same as the day the politicians moved to new Parliament House in 1988.

Next stop was (new) Parliament House. Parliament was not sitting today so we were able to go into the lower level galleries for a closer look. We visited The Senate and The House of Representatives. Our guide talked about special features of both The Senate and The House of Representatives which included the Australian colours that make up each space. We finished up with a visit to the roof top, where we had a great perspective of Canberra. We could see the War Memorial, ANZAC Parade and other government buildings within the Parliamentary Triangle.

Mr Steel organised a Federal Police officer to come and speak to us about the importance of their role in Parliament. It was very interesting to learn about the sniffer dogs and officers protecting Parliament, politicians and special dignitaries. 

Next, we went on a bike ride around Lake Burley Griffin. It was lots of fun! Check out Instagram to see a short video of us about to leave. 

Tonight, we went ten pin bowling. We had a great time. We are all so tired after a big day, we are looking forward to a good sleep.

Day 2

Our second full day in Canberra started at GeoScience. Here we explored earthquakes and the Earth's tectonic plates. It is amazing how many small earthquakes occur each day. By jumping up and down on a special mat and with the use of a seismograph, we simulated and measured our own earthquake. Check out our video on Instagram. 

Next stop was the Royal Australian Mint. We learnt about the early Australian currency including the holey dollar. Our guide took us up to the factory viewing deck where we watched the robots hard at work. We also watched the engineers and artists who design and punch the collector coins. 

After some lunch, we headed to Government House. This is where Sir Peter Cosgrove resides when in Canberra. Unfortunately he wasn't home today, he was at a ceremony in Sydney. We learnt about the 4 key roles of the Governor General (The 4 C's).

  1. Community
  2. Ceremonial
  3. Constitutional
  4. Commander and Chief

We toured the residence, visiting the dining room, the office where Gough Whitlam was fired, the sitting room (where most ceremonies occur) and the private gardens. We were very impressed with the Rolls Royce and the fully armoured BMW.

Next, we did an Embassy and High Commission drive. For those wondering, the difference between the two; a High Commission is part of the Commonwealth and an Embassy is not. We saw some amazing buildings from countries including: Samoa, New Zealand, France, Ireland and the USA (just to name a few). We were amazed to learn that the USA shipped boat loads (literally) of soil to Canberra so they were standing on American soil when at the embassy.

Our last official engagement was the National Portrait Gallery. We completed a 90-minute drawing and learning journey. We discussed the authors message in many of the art works and looked at the different techniques used. The Gallery is filled with many famous and inspirational Australians. 

Our final stop was the National Dinosaur Museum. We did a torch-light tour through the museum and learnt a lot. This tour was very engaging and we discovered many things we thought were true, (from the movies) were not so true. Did you know that there were giant dinosaur sloths during the Dinosaur Age and they were bigger than a woolly mammoth?....Wow! Most dinosaurs found in Australia were discovered in Queensland. 

We are off to bed now because we have a big day tomorrow.

Day 3

Today started with bacon and eggs in the restaurant at Leumeah Lodge and a short walk to Cockington Green. Here we walked the magnificent gardens and admired the models and sculptures. We were given the task of searching for some of the quirky hidden features throughout the gardens. Next, we entered the International Display, where we were required to search through the display to determine each of the country’s flags.

Next stop was the Australian Institute of Sport. Many in our group had been looking forward to this stop! We met our guide, a swimmer training for the Commonwealth Games. She took us through the Aquatic Centre, the Strength and Conditioning Centre, the Volleyball Centre, the Gymnastics Centre and the Arena. We learnt that the AIS was established after a series of very poor performing Olympic and Commonwealth Games campaigns. One thing we are all sure of is, the Australian athletes have state of the art facilities, coaches and equipment. Our final stop at the AIS was Sportex; imagine Timezone with a focus on only sporting games…we played soccer, football, slalom skiing, cycling and basketball just to name a few. We had a blast at the AIS!

After lunch, we headed to the Australian High Court. There are three courtrooms and we visited each with our guides. Courtroom One is for Constitutional matters, Courtroom Two is the Court of Appeals and Courtroom Three is used to schedule upcoming hearings and occasionally used as a courtroom with a jury. Some of the major cases that have recently been through the High Court are the plain packaging of cigarettes and the dual citizenship saga.

Next, we headed to Questacon where we explored the many levels. Can you believe there are 8 levels of non stop fun at Questacon? The building consists of galleries, each with a different theme i.e. Earth and Space, Force and Motion and Chemical Sciences. There was a special exhibit that highlighted the amazing features of our eyes and how we filter light to see and determine colours. Some of us who were feeling brave did the giant drop. This gives you the experience of feeling a free fall. Questacon was great fun and the gift shop was a hit.

We were soon headed to dinner. Chicken schnitzel was on the menu tonight and we finished it very quickly. Tonight we are watching a movie in the common room. We have giant beanbags to sit on and some snacks to enjoy before bed.

We are having a great time.





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