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Sutherland Dianella PS is an Independent Public School. The school community is committed and responsive to the needs of our students. 

Sutherland Primary was established on Sutherland Avenue in Dianella in 1966. In 1996, the present school was established following an amalgamation between Sutherland and Dianella primary schools, becoming Sutherland Dianella Primary School.

Sutherland Dianella currently has 336 students enrolled from Kindergarten to Year 6.

Our Crest

Following research and a vigorous campaign, in 1994 the school petitioned to have fossilised remains of the "Gogo Fish" as the Western Australia's State fossil.

Mcnamaraspis kaprios was found by Western Australian palaeontologist, Dr John Long in August 1986. The common name is derived from the Gogo Formation where the fossils were found, which in turn took its name from Gogo Station in the Kimberley.

Following the campaign initiated by Sutherland Dianella in 1994, a State Fossil Emblem Committee was formed in 1995 to provide advice to the then Minister for the Arts regarding appropriate fossil emblems for Western Australia. Following public consultations and consideration of public submissions, the Gogo fish was recommended to Cabinet as the fossil emblem of Western Australia and was proclaimed on 5 December 1995.

During the campaign, the Sutherland Dianella adopted the state fossil of the Gogo fish as its emblem in 1994. In 2015, in line with our status as an Independent Public School and celebrating 20 Years of the GoGo fish as it's emblem, a modern emblem incorporating the concept design of the friendship circles in our Art Park was introduced and reflects a flexible, autonomous and responsive school of future.

Old School Photo