Humanities and Social Sciences is the study of human behaviour and interaction in social, cultural, environmental, economic and political contexts.  

At SPDS, our HASS program revolves around the four subject areas: 

Term 1: History (PP – Year 6) 

Term 2: History (PP – Year 2) Civics and Citizenship (Years 3 -6) 

Term 3: Geography (PP – Year 6) 

Term 4: Geography (PP – Year 4) Economics and Business (Year 5 & 6) 


Alongside this, we place a large focus on the four HASS skills: 

- Analysing 

- Communicating & Reflecting 

- Questioning & Researching 

- Evaluating 

All staff are committed to ensuring our students move through each year with the skills to integrate within all subject areas. 

We utilise whole school programs such as Wingaru to support our staff and students to learn, respect and immerse themselves within the rich Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander culture.  

To further engage our students. SDPS also uses the Breakout EDU program to further immerse and integrate the HASS learning area into daily teaching and learning programs.  




HASS Skills

RAP Action Steps