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In 2019 we transitioned from KidsMatter to Be You which builds on the success and learnings from five existing programs aimed at promoting social and emotional health and wellbeing for children and young people in the education space: KidsMatter Early Childhood, KidsMatter Primary, MindMatters, Response Ability and headspace School Support. Be You is building on the evidence base and ten years of experience of these programs. These programs are now integrated into Be You – one single, national initiative delivered through early learning services, primary and secondary schools.

In 2020 we rebranded our Mental Health program to Social and Emotional Learning (SEL). SEL is about developing the ability to care for others, make responsible decisions, establish positive relationships, and handle challenging situations. These skills are important for developing resilience and promote wellness, prevent illness and support recovery.

At SDPS we endeavour to embody these skills in our students. Consequently, Social and Emotional Learning has become our overarching brand which encompasses the gamut of programs and strategies we implement in the school. 

How do we meet the social-emotional needs of students at SDPS?

Teaching social-emotional learning is no different to teaching numeracy or literacy skills – it needs to be continuous, cumulative and tailored to a child’s age and stage. At SDPS, we aim to build social-emotional learning through a range of wellbeing strategies – celebrating significant days (R U OK? Day and 100 days of school), through our conflict resolution both in and out of the classroom that focusses on restorative principles, through a formal social-emotional learning program called Bounce Back and through our daily interactions with staff, students and families.

SEL Vision Statement
What is SEL

SEP Program at SDPS

Kid’s Community Team

The Kid’s Community team is made up of our Student Leader for 2021, Neve O’Donovan and class representatives from Years One to Six. As a team, they collaborate with the Social and Emotional Team leader to plan special days such as R U OK? Day activities, assembly presentation of our new Social and Emotional Learning vision and managing the Student Says Board in their classrooms.

SEL Kids Community

Student Says Board

‘The Student Says…’ focuses on one of the four vision virtues a term – Inclusivity, Respect, Resilience and Empathy. Students are given a ‘free voice’ to express their feelings and opinions on each of the virtues.


Peer Support Mentor Team

The Peer Support Mentoring program which consists of Year 6 representatives and whose role is to work alongside teachers and the Admin to address social issues in the playground. They are trained in using the Restorative Conversations support cards as a tool to assist students during recess and lunch times. We encourage our students to use the ‘Buddy Bench’ if there are playground issue so that our Peer Support team can assist them.

SEL Peer Support


Whole school events gallery

SEL Whole School Events Gallery



SEL Board Presentation 2021

Helping Children Cope with Stress

Student Leaders Peer Support Team

2021 Kids Community