SDPS Community Charter

When schools and families work together children have a far better chance of being successful in school and in life. Our Community Charter underpins the partnership between SDPS and our families. We acknowledge the school vision, core values and core beliefs. Our Community Charter is based on three qualities: Respect, Responsibility and Relationships. It acknowledges and  promotes the various roles of parents and carers as integral members of our school community and partners in the education of their children.


Respect  is  one  of  the  school’s  core  values.  In  building  mutual  respect,  the  student,  the  family  and  the  school  are valued and appreciated. The needs of our students come first and this forms the basis of all interactions. Members of the SDPS community demonstrate respect by:

  • Acknowledging that our children's education is a shared responsibility between family and the school
  • Working to instill a positive attitude towards school and motivating students to achieve their best
  • Attending school information sessions and meeting with teachers as the need arises or when requested
  • Contacting the school immediately if there is a concern or problem and resolving grievances appropriately
  • Respecting and supporting school policies
  • Respecting the skills, knowledge and experience of school leaders and teachers


We take responsibility for creating a parent-friendly school and school-friendly homes, we do not lay blame for what is not working but share responsibility for success. We are all responsible for staying connected and modelling the right behaviours and we do this by:

  • Ensuring students come to school, unless unwell, and arrive in class on time
  • Supporting learning at school by helping to provide a time for homework that is free from distractions
  • Attending school functions, showing the students we are interested in school activities and celebrate the success of all students
  • Contributing to the life of the school in ways that reflect our experience, skills, interests and capacity to do so
  • Keeping up to date with school communications and events
  • Acting as role models by reflecting the core beliefs and values of the school and always maintaining high standards and expectations.


Relationships nurture the collaboration that is so necessary for strong community partnerships to survive and to help students succeed in school. The SDPS community develops respectful relationships  and inclusivity by:

  • Working together with school teachers and staff, collaborating to ensure every student gets the best education that suits their needs
  • Becoming involved in parent groups, class forums, the P&C and school events
  • Communicating frequently and respectfully with others
  • Building and nurturing a sense of community, ensuring SDPS is welcoming and inclusive for all.

As a collective we are committed to ensuring our children are challenged and supported to become confident and independent learners, who achieve their personal best.