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Welcome to the SDPS Library

The Sutherland Dianella library is packed full of interesting and exciting books for all ages.  Our staff regularly update titles and series so that your children have access to the best possible range of literature.

Classes regularly provide displays of their work for our Library, so it is always filled with bright and colourful displays.



Each class has a set library time each week. 

Students are permitted to borrow most books for up to two consecutive weeks, giving them enough time to enjoy novels and larger reference books.

We adhere to a strict no library bag = no borrowing policy, so we ask parents to take note of their class schedule and ensure that library books and bags come to school on your child’s library day.


2023 Timetable

Lost or damaged books

Our library operates on a tight budget, so if a book is lost or returned damaged, the school will invoice the student’s parent/guardian for the cost of replacement.  Please note that replacement books must be purchased through our approved suppliers, and we do not accept replacement books purchased by individuals.

Students will not be allowed to borrow library books until invoices are settled.


Library CBCA

Book Week

Sutherland Dianella believes strongly in promoting literature and reading.  As part of this, we participate in the annual The Children’s Book Council of Australia Book Week.

The theme for 2022 is "Dreaming with eyes open".  You can view the CBCA announcement video here.

Book Week will be held 20 August - 26 August 2022.  We look forward to celebrating the event this year with our annual Book Week dress up parade! 


Library Scholastic Book Club

Book Club

Scholastic Book Club operates through our school library (online/EFT orders only - no cash orders).  There are two campaigns per school term, which are communicated to parents via Connect notices with links to view the catalogue and order online.  We rely heavily on our commission from the Book Club to furnish our Library with new books, and books for student awards.  Your ongoing support of our Scholastic Book Club is greatly appreciated.

If you are interested in purchasing items for a gift and would like to collect your order so that your child/ren do not see the items (birthdays, Christmas etc.) there is an option via LOOP Online ordering to select GIFT ORDER.  The Librarian will contact you when your order is ready for collection.  This is a great option that many parents take up around the hectic festive season!


Library Scholastic Book Fair logo

Book Fair

SDPS host Book Fairs in our school Library.  This 'pop-up shop' is an excellent change for parents and carers to come and browse an extensive collection of books, stationery, gift sets and craft kits.  Items are all available for purchase on the day, via cash or EFTPOS.  The Book Fair runs for 4 days, immediately before and after school.  All students must be accompanied by an adult.  At this stage we are hoping to hold a book fair in Semester 2, pending confirmation of new stock availability.  Watch this space!



Displays and Themes

Each term sees our library host two different theme displays, in order to highlight some of favourite classics, as well as brand new books that we are introducing to the library.  Themes are designed around events, holidays and curriculum focus where suited.  Otherwise we simply like to highlight anything from classics to non-fiction, in order to expand our students' interest in reading!

Library Displays


Lunchtime Clubs

SDPS Students are welcomed into the Library for reading, clubs and activities.